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  • Puerto Aventuras, is one of the finest communities in the Mexico Riviera Maya region, in the state of Quintana Roo. Quintana Roo, known as, "The Mexican Caribbean" or "Caribbean of Mexico" borders the eastern part of the Yucatán Peninsula. Puerto Aventuras is a favorite day cruise ship excursion destination for every type of ocean activity with incredible views.

    The colonial village of Puerto Aventuras and Puerto Aventuras Marina host large hotels, vacation resorts, all inclusive resort suites, condominiums, local town homes, condos, time shares and single family homes.

    Residents and visitors share incredible views of Puerto Aventuras Bay Marinas and the Caribbean Sea. Puerto Aventuras is close to Cozumel and day-long cruise ship excursions while ships dock in port.

    Traveling from a Caribbean Sea Vacation to Puerto Aventuras is an hour and a half on average, less if you rent a car or transportation, adding more than you expect of adventure vacations in the Yucatan.

    Puerto Aventuras Weather in the Yucatan has typical predictability of a tropical paradise. The Caribbean ocean water is warm enough every day of the year to support ocean excursions and tours.

    Wave and ocean conditions vary from calm to very active, supporting mild and extreme personal water sports. Winds for sailing and wind surfing are favorable almost daily, while body or board surfing require close watch on wave conditions in the Caribbean ocean, the reefs or other ocean events in the gulf of Mexico and the surrounding areas.

    The Puerto Aventuras Bay gallery has video, over a hundred vacation pictures & photographs of the Caribbean Ocean, life and events enjoyed by residents or during a fortunate vacation in tropical paradise.